About Design Net

Welcome to our Company Site!

In design net We understand that life in the contemporary world is bound to make exacting demands on nature and our architectural firm fully complements this urge to live in harmony with environment.
Having started in 1987, the firm has been associated with various prestigious projects in and around Delhi.
And in a few years we have accumulated enough skill and experince, which are today our foundations.
The area in which we excel , ranges from
space planning, environmental planning, landscaping, acoustics, sanitation, air cordinating, structural engineering, vastu consultancy,designing modarn and creative elevations.

We are an organization with experience in almost all the disciplines of our field . Thus we offer all kind of architectural services , under one roof with the able support of our specialists from various disciplines such as:
  • Architectural design & documents
  • Surveying, soil testing & site selection
  • Environmental planning
  • Space planning
  • Landscaping & project management
  • Engineering : Civil , Structural , Electrical , Ventilation & Air-conditioning , Acoustics , Fire detection & Fire fighting